Are Electric Fireplaces Worth It | 8 Reasons to Buy an Electric Fireplace

Are Electric Fireplaces Worth It

When thinking about purchasing a fireplace, one of the types you may be considering is an electric fireplace. There are always pros and cons to buying anything today and buying a fireplace is no different. When it comes to buying the best electric fireplace though there are more pros then there are cons. So we are going to go over the top 8 reasons to consider an electric fireplace.

Are Electric Fireplaces Worth It? 8 Reasons To Buy

  • Don’t want to deal with smoke?  Don’t have to electric fireplaces don’t product smoke! So there are no harmful fumes, gases, soot or otherwise to harm to you or your pets. Great solution for those who have allergies or breathing problems as well. If you are looking for a greener solution this is a great start since you won’t be contributing to deforestation. 
  • Energy efficient, since there is no venting or chimney required. You get to use every bit of heat that is output by an electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces tend to heat up quicker as well as replenishing heat lost due to an open door or otherwise. It will replace that lost heat quicker than other methods. No ignition method needed because it doesn’t use fuel or produce flame.
  • Very low maintenance since there is no smoke, soot or ash there is virtually no clean up. You will only have to clean up after everyday dust. So in most cases all you need is an occasional wipe down from time to time.
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    Easy operation, in most cases electric fireplaces are operated with a remote control and also have a control board if needed.
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    Lower costs, you don’t have the maintenance that you do with other methods. Such as chimney cleaning and inspection. Wood purchase to worry about or wasted heat. Insurance on an electric fireplace is typically cheaper as well then when using a wood fireplace.
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    Great choice for anyone! Since it is electric it can be enjoyed where other fireplace options are not an option. People can use them in homes, vacation homes, campers and more! They can be used in virtually any room as well.
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    Easy installation and long lasting life span. There is virtually nothing that has to be done to install in most cases you just place where you want and plug in. They also stay great looking for years to come since they are not taking on the extra work that other fireplaces have to put up with.
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    One of the safest fireplaces available! Since there are no hot coals, ashes, harmful fumes or gases. An electric fireplace is one of the safest options available on the market. You can also use an electric fireplace in any environment. 

So those are the top 8 reasons to buy an electric fireplace. One or all of them may be a great reason for you to buy one. You really can’t go wrong the only con is if power goes out you can’t use it. Unless you have an alternate power source such as a generator to plug into.

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