Are Ethanol Fireplaces Safe for Children & Pets?

Sure you care about your health, but you are definitely more worried about your children. If you have pets, you care about you worry about them as well. So when you purchase items that they will be around, you want to make sure that item is safe. So if you are thinking about an ethanol fireplace, you may be wondering if they are safe for your children and pets. 

Well when it comes to ethanol fireplaces there are some safety things that should be followed. Since it does still produce flame, it does get hot. Other than that ethanol fireplaces are safe around children and pets. They can be placed up and out of the way of curious children and pets with ease. 

They come in many different sizes as well as styles. You can get some that are small enough to fit on shelves and tabletops. You can also get wall mount styles as well that helps keep them up off the floor. Some offer more when it comes to fireplace face coverage as well. So if you have kids or pets you may want to consider purchasing on that has front protection. That way it makes it harder for a child to touch the hot flames.

Lower Heat Output, but Still Hot!

Ethanol fireplaces may not put out as much heat as some other fireplaces, but they still put out heat. As well as producing hot flames. So you will have to take heed when children and pets are around. Most ethanol fireplace exteriors tend to stay warm to cold. 

No Toxic Fumes or Gases

Another reason they are a great option is there are no harmful fumes or gases to worry about. Ethanol is also a great option for those with breathing problems such as asthma, COPD and etc. So you don’t have to go without a fireplace, you can finally use one without worries. 

No Cords

There are no electrical cords for little ones to grab or trip over, which also means one less chance of injury to children or pets. Cords are a cause for many self -injuries, so it is great that they are not equipped anyways. 

No Sparks, Soot or Ash

Ethanol fireplaces do not produce the high amount of sparks that a traditional wood burning fireplace would. So no worries about accidental burns from fly away sparks, because ethanol fireplaces don’t do that. There is no soot or ash to get covered in either, so you or they don’t have that burnt smell to yourself.

Final Note

Ethanol fireplaces overall are a great choice by yourself, with your children or with your pets. You will be glad you made the purchase if you do. Being able to easily move on a whim is also a great feature as well. They can also be used indoors and outdoors, which is great for providing light that your child will surely like as well. Prices range on style and size, there is plenty to chose from.

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