How Do Ventless Fireplaces Work? [ Step By Step Guideline ]

Ready to make a ventless fireplace purchase? Curious though exactly how a ventless fireplace works? Well that depends on the type of ventless fireplace you may want to purchase.  There are three main types of ventless fireplaces for you to choose from. There is gas, electric and gel-fuel type ventless fireplaces. They are all similar in one thing they are ventless but each do have slight differences as to how they work.

Gas Operated Ventless

A natural gas or LP ventless fireplace is a great option for those who may have gas or LP readily available. They work similar to their vented counterparts, except the way the air exchange works. Fresh air in, hot air out. This fireplace does emit a very small amount of combustion by products. It is at such a low level though a vent is not needed.  A lower vent pulls air in and heated air comes out of the top. 

There are artificial logs made in most cases of casted concrete. They are painted for that realistic look, most of these fireplaces have electric ignitors. Some ignitors are battery operated as well, so you don’t need to be hooked up to electric. They can be hooked up to a home’s natural gas system or can be ran off of an LP tank if it uses LP. 

Ventless Electric Fireplace

If you are looking at getting an electric ventless fireplace, this one is pretty straightforward. Electric does not require a venting system. This fireplace only needs a power supply to be put to work, it typically has a control board that allows you to turn it on and off as well as setting the heat level as well. You won’t get any flames with this one, so if you are looking for realistic flames it isn’t the best choice. 

This is a great option though for those who want a fireplace that they can turn on and walk away. Since it is a controlled heat with no flame, there is less worry while in operation. Cannot use though if the power goes out.

Gel-Fueled Ventless Fireplaces

The gel fueled ventless fireplaces are pretty common sense. They are alcohol based and or ethanol based so they burn clean. They don’t emit any type of fumes or gases to worry about. They are easy to use but do have a shorter burn time. They are a great idea for occasional use, could get expensive if used all the time. They can also be virtually placed anywhere, since there is nothing to have to hook up to such as electric or gas lines.

You get realistic flames with this option, typical burn time for most is 2-3 hours before can needs to be replaced. There can be different items used as accents for these types of burners as well. Such as rock, glass or imitation looking logs.

That is the basics on how each typically work. Since ventless fireplaces have been on the market there are many safety things that have been implemented. Such as safety shut off’s, which will shut a unit down if there is too much CO2 detected. You will be pleased with the selection; it is great having a great fire without all the mess.

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