How to Build an Outdoor Fire Pit


Fire pits are a great way to spend some down time. Whether you are sharing that time with someone else, friends, family or alone. Sure you can go spend some money and buy a fire pit that is ready to go. However, why not make one of your own?

It is a lot easier than you may think, not to mention you will save yourself some money while you are at it. The first thing you have to decide before you get started, is what type of outdoor fire pit do you want or need? What are the regulations in your area for a fire pit? 

You will need to know that so you know if you need a stationary fire pit or if you need to have a portable fire pit. Once you have that decided on then you can move on to the next steps. We are going to go over how to make an outdoor fire pit fueled by a gel fuel source.

Materials Needed

For this outdoor fire pit, I am choosing a simple design, which requires simple materials. Make a trip to your favorite outdoor decor shop that sells flower pots. The first thing you will do is pick out a flower pot that you like. 

It can also be a flower box, can be metal or made of clay. Make sure though if you plan on being able to move it you take weight into consideration. If you are not going to move it not so important.  You will also need decorative rock or burn glass for decorative purposes. Some people even use rocks they have collected.

How many rocks will you need? Or how much decorative glass. Depends on how you want the design to work. If you want a more recessed look more and if you want a more flushed look less. You could also use larger rocks or pieces of brick as a fill or even sand to save on rock and glass.

If you can get your hands on some small coffee cans they will come in handy as well. Or other small metal container, just big enough to fit gel can in. Can go without it but creates a more stable place for the gel can to sit.

Creating the Fire Pit

If you have decided to use a rectangular flower box or similar, depending on size you may be able to use more than one can for looks. First, if you have decided to use a base to save on rocks or glass you will need to fill your container up to about an inch to inch in a half to the level where you want your flame base at.

Otherwise if you have decided to just use rock do the same with the rock. While you are filling the void you will want to make sure that you have the metal coffee can you need in the middle and fill in the sand or rocks. Make sure you leave an inch to inch in a half sticking out above the rocks or sand.

If you are going to use river rocks for the whole thing, then you can make the river rock even with the lip of the coffee can. If using sand fill in the last inch or inch in a half with your river rock. If you want to use glass, try to find a metal tray you can cut the center out of for coffee can that will fit the inside of your flower pot.

That way you can remove your fire glass easily when needed. Then fill until level with top of metal coffee can. Next insert your gel can into the coffee can, then light the can when you are ready.

Final Notes

It is a simple design but it is a great starter design, once you feel more comfortable you will be able to come up with many different types of fire pits to use. Most designs are easy to complete. You will feel proud to show of what you can do and your style.

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