How To Start A Fire In A Fire Pit


Not familiar with how to start a fire in a fire pit? That is ok, anyone who has ever started one had to learn as well sometimes. The type of fire pit you will be lighting will determine the steps you need to take when lighting a fire pit. There are several types of fire pits today such as LP, wood or gel.

How to Start Fire On A Fire Pit Safely

All types though need to be lighted with a flame though. Unless they are equipped with an igniter and some are.

Wood Supplied Fire Pit

Sometimes wood is one of the most challenging to start. So you want to make sure you have dry materials to get things going. Easiest is newspaper and some small dry twigs. You will build a base with the newspaper. Then you will build almost a tee pee type structure over the newspaper loosely. Then light paper, once it starts to burn continue to add small sticks of kindling until you are sure it is burning well. Then slowly start to add larger pieces of wood. 

Some people do use other aids such as lighter fluid, but that can be dangerous. So it is not recommended unless you have no other choice. If things are a little damp, you could put an unlit tea light candle on top of the wood. When the starter flame hits it, it will melt spread over the wood and ignite. Giving you a longer burning flame that will the wood a better chance to catch.

LP Gas Supplied Fire Pit

If you have a new LP gas supplied fire pit, chances are it has an igniter. Which makes things easy to do each self-igniting fire pit has its own steps to follow in its owner’s manual. If you do have one that doesn’t have an ignitor, then it is similar to lighting an old stove or gas grill. You will need to use a long length match or a long BBQ lighter. It is not recommended to use a cigarette lighter or other ignition source that puts you too close to the flame source. 

Typically, you will turn on the LP supply just slightly, and ignite it at its flame base or where your manual states to ignite at. Do not turn on LP and walk away then try to light, you will have too much of an LP build up and that is not a good thing.

Gel Fuel Supplied or Ethanol Bio Fuel Fire Pit

These fire pits are becoming more common, since they are typically portable and the fuel source is easily portable as well. Igniting these types of fire pits are easy to do, all you need is a long handled match or long handled lighter. The fuel cans already come filled and wicked, simply place can in its proper spot and ignite. 

If you are using a refillable ethanol, make sure you have filled container to the fill line then ignite the fuel box per instruction manuals. Some of these have wicks but most don’t, you typically just ignite the fuel inside of the fuel box.

Final Note

Those are the basic means of lighting your fire pit. If you are using LP or natural gas for fireplace and it doesn’t light shut off supply to fire pit. You are either out of fuel or there may be a problem such as leak. Ethanol and gel can spill. Don’t ignite until you clean up the spill, otherwise you could have a mess on your hand.

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